Air Hoses Equipments For Gardening Services

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Lawn and garden in the backyard is always hard to maintain especially when you don’t know which equipment is best for you. Usually, we spend a lot of money on buying a compressor. But we don’t give much thought to the hose. For gardening services, click on

Owning a good hose is equally important. Mostly the hose which comes with expensive compressors are of low-quality coiled air hose.

3/8 inch Rubber Air Hose

This is the best quality hose which is made up of reinforced rubber which has a 10-year guarantee, allows up to 250 PSI, has been tested to function in 40 to 140degree F temperature. The hose will stay soft and flexible even in the coldest days of the year. Rubber hoses are usually preferred when working on cars. We all know the best quality rubber hose is provided by “Goodyear

It’s a sturdy rubber hose so it will be heavier than others and it will attract dirt due to its ”stickiness” but it is very easy to work.

3/8-inch PVC/Rubber Blend Air Hose

50 feet hose weighs only 4.9 lbs. This PVC Air hose is much lighter. It is rated at 300 PSI and for use in temperatures between 30 t 150F. This hose is flexible it is 100% flexible. This hose is convenient to roll/unroll. This hose can be the excellent hose.

If we look at the broader picture, let us discuss the quality of hoses.

Rubber VS PVC VS Polyurethane Air hoses

All compressors use a hose as a channel to pass air, which can be made of rubber, PVC, polyurethane or some type of combination. To make a choice amongst these we have to analyze the conditions in which these hoses will be working. Performance of each material is different with factor under consideration like temperature, pressure.

Rubber and polyurethane hoses are similar in so many ways, for the most part, both of them works best for different tasks. PVC hoses are the most economical hoses and it comes with the cheap compressor. We can’t use them for small lawn as they can’t be used daily.

Types of Air Hose Material

Rubber air hose is the oldest form of hose. It is made of synthetic rubber and braided or spiraled from both inside and out. This hose is heavy , most flexible out of all the materials and are very durable. They don’t kink easily, coil and uncoil is extremely easy. The only showdown is that it tends to attract all the dirt from the ground.

gardening air hose

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) air hoses are most commonly purchased but as they are cheaper but the material is more stiff when used in cold temperatures. PVC is made of PVC compound that is used on inner tube with strength polyester spiral for reinforcement. It is hard to uncoil, hard to fix it. It becomes so hard that it is impossible to lay it straight on the surface.

Polyurethane air hoses: Its performance is better than PVC. They are light, flexible and easy to fix if a leak due to puncture develops. It is lightweight and low drag from the smooth surface. It is easier to work on the roof top where they are easier to slide.

This air hose is probably is the best choice for your gardens to look just perfect. Green and leafy with is trees.

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