Different Types of Tools Belt

Tool belts come handy when you have a big house. Something or the other does keep falling apart in houses and we cannot always call someone to fix things. That is when we need a tool kit. But what would be more helpful is a tool belt as it would help keep your hands free. If you have to climb up the ladder to fix something at the top, you need your hands to be free. There are different kinds of best tool belts these days and here are few listed:

Tool belt with bags

There are belts with small bags attached to them. There are different kinds of bags which can be placed along the belt. There is one adjustable nylon belt, which gives a quick release when opened. All you need to do is a snap and the whole belt along with the bag is in your hands. It is also stretchable and the straps can be adjusted, so you don’t have to worry if the belt would fit you or not. It would go with your needs. There are leather belts available also, but you can try nylon if you want.

You can decide about the bags.

There is not just one kind of bag that is attached to the belt but many designs and styles are available in the market. If you work with the tools, you would need to make a conscious choice. You can have a belt which has two bags attached to it. For example, if you need a lot of nails, you would require a different segment in your belt to carry them. It would make the nails handy and you would avoid hurting yourself with the sharp points if you have kept them in the separate pocket. Plus, if you don’t require too many pockets in your bag, you can detach them.mechanical tool belt

Sew-in Design

There are different pouches in a tool bag which are sewed. You require holding measuring tape, hammer, speed square, pencils, garage opener remote and all kinds of nails in your bag, which is why it would be useful. You can extract tools from your belt pretty quickly without hassle, unlike how you would in a kit. Good quality can be assured and the material of the bag won’t get ruined in the long run. You can always find these bags when you go to a hardware store.

Suspender Type

Many carpenters rely on a suspender type belt as it helps in carrying the heavy load. You can stuff in any hand tools and it would still keep the weight off your hips and waist. This is because you have straps around your shoulders as well and the weigh will get distributed. If you have to spend the entire day carrying around tools, suspender style belt would be best for you.

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